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All of these are coming from my main account :~SP-KENNYLOVER!:

I must have fell asleep because when I woke up I wasn't in the room with Christophe but i had his jacket... I was in a room with...Mandie

Me: Mandie?What the hell!! I thought you were in the hospital!!

Mandie: Well..Clyde came and got me out and dropped me off at the house and when I was almost to the door some one tackled me!!

Me: oh..

Mandie: well...Is there anyone else here?

Me:Yeah...I said blushing!

Mandie: oh...Let me guess...Craig? She said rolling her eyes.

Me: HELL NO!!I said angrily

Mandie: Then who i...

Just then Christophe was throne into the room with us. His tee-shirt was guessing because it got ripped of by fighting the guards??But im pretty sure Mandie was in a drooling trance when she saw him but i slapped her out of it!

Ze mole: Zat stupid guard! he mumbled....I HOPE YOU ROT EEN HELL!!

Me: *Whispers to Mandie* Oh yeah and he is French!!I said with a big smile!

Christophe walks over to me and Mandi and sits down wrapping his arms around me

Me: Oh sweet heart!! Your freezing!!

Ze mole:*Smiling*zhen let me see your jacket..

Me: *Pushing him on the ground* Cant we share? I said after kissing him.

Mandie:*Rolling her eyes* Oh brother!!

Me: What your just jealous be cause you cant do this with Clyde!!

Mandie: ALYSSA!!! SHUT UP!!

Just then a intercom came on and a mans voice said

Intercom: The only way that you will be getting out of here is if two of you kill the other one! He said laughing evilly!! Soon after that he slid a gun through a slot in the door.

There was silence for awhile before I spoke up

Me: Give me the gun!

Mandie hands me the gun un sure is she should.but she does.

I stand up walk over towards the door and say

Me: When you two get out go to the house!!!....BANG!!

Christophe stood there for a moment before he started to cry and a guard came in and picked both of them up and threw them outside!

They were both crying as they ran down the street to Mandie/my house. When they opened the door I was sitting there on the couch eating cheesypoofs. Christophe ran over to me and picked me up and started to kiss me!

Mandie:Wa...How. Mind fucked!!!! Total mind fucked!

Me: Mandie.. im immortal! I said laughing

Ze mole: Oh Mon amour...I thought zhat you were gone forever!!

Me: Je t'aime! I said with a smile

Ze mole: Je t'aime aussi...Waeet you speak French?

Me: Just a little?

Ze mole: Just what i have been saying?

Me*biting my lip and smiling* Yeah

We stare at each other for a moment and kiss right as my mom walked in

Me:*Looking up nervously* Umm.. Hi mom!I said with a smile! This is Christophe! Christophe this is my mom!

Traci: Hello! she said walking up the stares



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Alyssa and Mandie!!
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Well it is both of our account so were going to be sharing it!! so if you want to ask us seaport questions That's fine!!

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So, Alyssa & Mandie, how are you related?

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